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Photo Story: Lakeside Evening

"The temperature of the early evening was cool but the atmosphere had a warm peacefulness to it when I took this photo"

After such a long period without travel, I did something I have rarely done; visit an unfamiliar part of the UK! Not only was it high time I had a break (who doesn't need a break right now?), but it had to be somewhere picturesque for photos! So what better place than the Lake District? 😊

Mountains, wooded valleys and enormous lakes - that's the scene everywhere you go in this beautiful national park. This has to be the UK's answer to Alaska, Norway and the New Zealand fjords and, although you won't see glaciers here or the kinds of wildlife you'd expect to see in the North American wilderness or along the coast, I was amazed at just how incredible this place was.

Although there was a lot of rain (only to be expected in this part of the world), it was such a great feeling to get on a boat and cruise out across Lake Windermere, just taking in the fresh air and tree-covered shorelines gliding silently past. Small houses (and sometimes impressive, large ones) nestled amongst the trees. We wondered how anyone could actually reach those homes through the woods, but what an incredible outlook they must have across the water and of the peaceful nature that spreads out before them.

They say that spending time immersed in nature is very good for your mental health and physical wellbeing and that certainly seems to be true. Getting off the boat in the small town of Ambleside, we strolled around and enjoyed some typical English food in an even more typical old English cafe, hidden away down a winding cobbled street. When you've been away from your country for a long time as I have, it certainly allows you to see your home and traditions through different and more appreciative eyes.

Fish and chips? Yes please!

As evening started to fall, the rain clouds cleared. There was time before dinner to have a wander along the promenade at Bowness on Windermere. Several other people were also enjoying the opportunity, watching the boats and eating ice creams. I had already discovered a place that I thought could be great to capture some photos, looking out across the lake.

The golden evening sun lit the scattered clouds and a light breeze caused the yachts moored near the water's edge to bob around. Canadian Geese sought out tourists with food offerings. I set up my tripod to capture the scene I had been hoping to get as soon as the rain held off!

The temperature of the early evening was cool but the atmosphere had a warm peacefulness to it when I took this photo. Just the calmness and magic of the countryside as the sun lowered. For me, this picture captures the moment of escape that I'm always seeking in my landscape photos. The rain had stopped falling on the mountains and the clouds were giving way to a brighter day tomorrow - perhaps a metaphor for life right now?

I really loved this place and would definitely go back! Photo opportunities abound, but also the chance to relax and escape urban life for a while. I would love to use some long exposure photography here and my lens filters on a day with little wind and calm waters.

This photo will be in my Woodlands & Countryside gallery soon!

Have you been to the Lake District or another beautiful place? Tell me about your experiences there in the comments! 😀👍🏻

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