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Photo Story: Dutch Horizon

"My directions appeared to suggest the mill was just around a corner and indeed, as I started to walk up a small street, there it was!"

I can honestly say that my most enjoyable photo trips here in The Netherlands have usually been trips in search of typical Dutch landscapes...and this of course involves windmills!

A few weeks ago, I suddenly had the idea to try to find a windmill somewhere in The Hague that I could visit on a sunny Sunday afternoon. After a bit of googling, I discovered the De Korenaer windmill, just a couple of tram rides away. So that afternoon, I headed off to find it with all my camera gear.

I reached the stop and stepped off the tram in a very quiet neighbourhood. My directions appeared to suggest the mill was just around a corner and indeed, as I started to walk up a small street, there it was! I was delighted at how easy it was to find.

Crossing the road, I came to a bridge over a bright green canal that led over to the mill. I set up my tripod and took this shot looking towards the scene - the mill, the church, the small house at the canal's edge with washing hung outside. It was a beautifully warm and peaceful day.

I continued towards the mill and wandered around it, taking a few shots of it. The mill is usually open to visitors but currently has limited opening times due to the ongoing pandemic. Today it was closed, along with a small museum next to it. I had the place all to myself.

As children played somewhere in the park beyond the mill, I took some shots of the church through the trees. Some Canada geese strolled the green banks of the canal. A black cat wandered along the path (and wasn't too keen on me taking his photo). Further along, a heron stood still watching the green waters and did not move an inch when I got close to him.

Finally, it was time to head back. I arrived at the tram stop just as a tram was approaching and jumped on. With the mill behind me, the famous Den Haag city skyline appeared in front of me. Everything in The Hague is so easily reachable - it's incredible how much is packed into this city, and yet it still feels suburban and relaxed.

If you like this picture, it's now in my Dutch Landscapes gallery to buy as a print and many other formats. I also have some other pictures there that were taken on the day 😀

Let me know what you think in the comments below and if you think someone else you know would enjoy it, then please share it with them!

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