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Photo Story: Golden Springtime

"The tree in the distance, standing alone like an island in a yellow sea, seemed an intriguing focal point..."

This time of year sees many British fields start to bloom bright yellow with rapeseed flower, giving a wonderful sunny glow to the countryside, even on a cloudy or dreary day. But it doesn't stay around for long... On a very springlike Saturday, I decided I would like to try and get some shots of it, but the big question was: where was the best place to go where the fields were accessible and the view photo-worthy?

After stopping for lunch in the centre of Kenilworth, I headed out into the countryside hoping to come across a lucky find. Sure enough, before long, I spotted some yellow fields in the distance, but after driving as close to them as I could get, I just couldn't seem to get near enough to take any photos of them.

Heading back to Kenilworth, I suddenly spotted some glowing yellow through the trees and bushes on my right-hand side and, sure enough, passed an open entrance into the field. I never realised there would be one so near to the town! After quickly turning around, I stopped the car and walked through the ungated entrance.

The field spread out in front of me, with a track that led off into the distance. You could actually believe, standing there, that civilisation had disappeared. The tree in the distance, standing alone like an island in a yellow sea, seemed an intriguing focal point.

Not a single other person was around and it almost felt like I was stepping into a secret place as I took several photos of the track leading off towards the tree. The regular hum of cars on the road behind me punctuated the near-silence. It felt so good to feel the sun and breath some spring air!

Feeling really happy that I'd achieved something that seemed like a pipe dream a couple of hours ago, I strolled back to my car. A man on the other side of the road walking his dog asked me what the flowers were and told me he walked past there often. Curious, he crossed the road and walked past me into the field to take a look.

Check out this picture in my gallery and if you want a print of it, you can get one there too 😊

Have you also enjoyed getting out now that the weather is better? What plans do you have for the spring/summer? Top of my list is to get a lot more great photos! 📷

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