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My Photography Journey So Far (And Some of My Favourite Shots)

"I started taking photos just for fun but I'm also enjoying building my portfolio and seeing how far I can take my photography."

Lots of you will be familiar with my 'Photo Stories', where I tell you some of the background and adventures behind my favourite shots. I thought it would be a great time to consider my favourite photos so far on my photographic journey (it's been well over a year since I first launched my website already!)

I started taking photos just for fun but I'm also enjoying building my portfolio and seeing how far I can take my photography. Now, looking back on the last three years since I started taking photos for my photography course in 2018, there really are quite a few that are particularly special to me, not least because of the great memories they bring back.

Lighting is everything in photography and early on, I had some great luck when I headed out to find Molendriegang (a row of three windmills on the edge of The Hague). I talked about my favourite photo that I took there in my e-book (that you can download for free if you sign up to my mailing list), but it really was the first time I truly saw what could be achieved. Although not everything about the photo was technically correct, it remains one of my favourites and probably always will!

I started to realise how much I like the flare affect that you can get around the sun or points of light in photos and I was delighted with how this turned out in my path through the dunes image (top right, above). I remember being so freezing cold that day (a January Sunday afternoon) but it was very worth it! Still a photo I love and not sure I'll ever really manage to replicate.

You'll see this flare effect in a lot of my photos - it helps to convey a feeling I love to capture: warmth, peace, tranquility and calmness. It worked really well in my photo of Kenilworth Castle just before sunset. This is another photo I've truly come to love, for the atmosphere it creates. Again, another very cold day in winter to be out with the camera and as always, I did not foresee how well it was going to turn out.

Many of my photos in The Hague conjure up great memories. In order to get a great photo, you often need to put yourself out when you really don't feel like it. This often means rushing out for the sunset when really you'd rather stay at home! Jumping on buses and trams to get to the location on time was often a question of "shall I, shan't I?' but so many of those are now precious shots to me (such as those I took of the pier and the government buildings in the city centre). Usually, when the effort was almost too much, the rewards have made up for it.

Street photography also has an element of luck - even if you find a great location, you have to ready for something interesting to happen. My general interest in The Hague made taking photos there a lot of fun, especially capturing the bikes and interesting architecture in and around the city, not to mention the occasional perfect moments when someone interesting walked by at the right moment! The Den Haag Centraal train station is a great place to take photos, with so many leading lines, symmetry and opportunities on a bright day when the sun is high - my photo of the bike passing through the sunshine between the raised tram lines is a favourite.

With landscape, street (and a bit of architecture photography thrown in), you could probably describe me as a 'travel' photographer of sorts. I'm drawn to vibrant colours, but also black and white where it better conveys the shot. I love beautiful scenes but also interesting activity that gives a sense of culture and the feeling of a place or situation.

Sometimes the simplest shots can turn out to be amongst the best. On a quick trip to the beach one day, I took the shot you see in the centre of the collage above of the dunes and grass. The clouds added to the simple interest of this photo and I've sold it many times on Shutterstock. I would never have really considered it a favourite, but indeed, after seeing its popularity, how could I not? 😀

I'm excited to create new favourites and to keep strengthening my portfolio - I still have much to learn! It's important, also, to not forget about all the photos that don't make the cut! They are the learning experiences that teach me what I need to do better next time 😊 And not only that - it's the fun I have along the way that really is what it's all about more than anything else.

Do you have any favourites from my gallery? I would love to hear what you think! All my favourites are also there to buy as prints and other items 😊👍🏻📷


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