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My Photography Goals

"I am really drawn to landscapes, street photography and travel photography but am still in the process of really uncovering my true style..."

Bicycles at the beach in Duindorp (The Hague)

On my website, I wrote a bit of a background about myself and how I came to get into photography in recent years, but I thought I would write a blog post about my goals and where I hope to go with my photography from's a long journey! 😊

In the last couple of years, I have been doing some photography courses and am now on the final assignment of a Professional Diploma in Photography course, which I am taking my time with until I am fully happy to submit it! I am also studying Lightroom courses and Street Photography. These courses have completely gripped me - I have had such a great time with them and they really ignited my enthusiasm for photography like nothing else!

It has been my ambition for a long time to set up my website, with a long-term goal to start selling my photos. After entering 'The Hague Photo' Exhibition last November, many people asked me if I have a website but of course I didn't! Incredibly, the lockdown period has given me a chance to get my website off the ground and make a start (there are some benefits to lockdown!)

I am really drawn to landscapes, street photography and travel photography but am still in the process of really uncovering my true style. I would also like to develop my skills more in portrait photography, and ultimately I want to combine all these areas into my own signature style.

For me, there are two things I love in a photo - of course a beautiful shot, but it either needs to be something to escape into and is pleasing to look at, or it needs to tell a clear and interesting story (which might be cultural, for example, or it might make you think about an issue). Something I would love to do is capture more photos of Spain - really showcasing the beauty and culture of the place, and everything I personally love about it.

At the moment, I am limited in where I can go and what I can take, but it's incredible how I am still learning and improving even in this limited period. Sometimes the answer is just to keep getting out there and keep taking photos!

The Hague and the beach are my main locations and inspirations right now, but in the not-so-distant future I will be relocating back to the UK. Most of my photographic plans have to wait until things open up again and I am more settled in my location. So there will be new inspirations and new subjects to photograph!

Whilst I already have a few ideas of projects and how to go forward back in the UK, I will certainly still return to The Hague and continue to take photos in this beautiful city, and I fully anticipate my connections to this wonderful place (that is my second home) will continue!

The Paagman store on the Frederik Hendriklaan, The Hague

You'll just have to keep following me to see what I have up my sleeve and what new photos and developments will come! It will be a long road to develop to where I want to go, but with hard work and consistency, I will do my best to get there! I can't thank you enough - yes, you - who is reading this now and therefore supporting me on my way!

By the way, if you haven't seen it yet, I added a new gallery to the site entirely dedicated to the theme of Dutch bicycles, if this is something you are interested in 😊 You can check it out here!

The tall ship Minerva in Scheveningen Harbour, The Hague

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