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The Story of 'Mediterranean Calm'

It's hard at the moment not being able to travel or plan any holidays, but I hope this picture cheers you all up. Who doesn't love a clear blue sea? Taken in Altea, Spain, this image always makes me feel relaxed, as if all worries are far away. Maybe it's the colours, the calm sea, the sunshine or the sense of "nothing on the horizon" to cause me any problems!

You'll see a few pictures in my 'Spain' collection from Altea. It's such an incredibly pretty Spanish town near Alicante and I had wanted to visit for a long time. I spent a day here, just admiring the streets, shops and sights and enjoying a piece of Spanish culture, history and life.

After wandering the winding, cobbled streets of the white-washed town, we ambled back from the hill-top town's main areas in a bid to find the beach and get a much-needed drink. Eventually we spotted the sea and discovered a tiled promenade with a few small cafes and restaurants. It was a quite afternoon, with a few people relaxing, but the beach as a whole was quiet.

As I walked along the beach, I saw this image of the lifeguard's lookout and immediately took the shot. Such an opportunity to capture the calm of this place. It was as if there were no deadlines or timescales here - just relaxing, reflection time. I love how the umbrella blends so well into the scene.

I hope when you look at this scene, you feel like you could just sit and gaze at the sea, while the warm waters wash away any troubles you have. Maybe you could imagine cooling off in that turquoise sea.

If you like this picture, you can buy it in many different formats in my 'Spain' gallery here!

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